Stretch marks on the buttocks - so you could avoid these

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Stretch marks on the buttocks - so you could avoid these

Stretch marks on the buttocks, you can prevent.

The result is stretch marks on the body

  • Stretch marks occur not only on the buttocks, but wherever the body is exposed to a large tensile strain, without the fabric is so elastic that it can join the stretch. Stretch marks are so small tissue tears.
  • Stretch marks can occur even in young people with weak connective tissue through a rapid growth spurt.
  • Pregnant women can stretch marks on the abdomen get if they do not maintain this properly - they are then usually called stretch marks.
  • Athletes can get stretch marks when they set too fast in muscle mass.
  • On Po the stripes are often caused by obesity or fluctuating weight in conjunction with weak connective tissue.

That you can do to strip at Po

Stretch marks on the buttocks You can only prevent. Are the strips once there, you can reach only that they change color from dark to white. Therefore, prevention is at risk of stretch marks, the A and O.

  • To prevent stretch marks on the buttocks cosmetically, you can select the appropriate game daily massage with a body oil, for example with the body oil by the company "free" or the pregnancy care oil from Weleda. The massaged into the skin oil gives the fabric more elasticity and resilience, so that it withstands the strain state better.
  • Proceed the same with your gut even when a pregnancy.
  • To avoid stretch marks on the buttocks, you should be careful not to be subject to strong fluctuations in weight.
  • If the stretch marks once there, you can only try to make it less visible. Are the strips reddish or purple, you should ensure good circulation, particularly through endurance sports. The stretch marks are white and stand out less of the surrounding skin.
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