Strip music - so you learn seductive dance to

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Strip music - so you learn seductive dance to

The seductive Strip for matching music. Penneloni / Pixelio

If you want to seduce your partner with a Strip and great music that can never be a bad idea, since most men have a weakness for anything and women can not be a strip like escape. nothing can go wrong with your more seductive Strip By following these tips.

To succeed in the seductive Strip

  • You should not miss in any case, your body a close shave before you get down to stripping, as smooth skin still looks just beautiful and in case of using a rod unpleasant pulling is avoided by the hair.
  • Oil beforehand a little one, so that the skin shines beautifully.
  • Wear a woman lip gloss to put an accent on the body.

For music dance properly

  1. Move around a pole around or near a chair, on which your partner is sitting. Look him again and again deep into my eyes and bite her lip to apply seductive gestures. You can use these uncertainties while dancing about playing ball.
  2. Try to "strut" and circling her hips to the music. If the music is loud or has a climax, use this to go, for example, into a crouch or stretch one foot in the direction of the partner.
  3. Watch as you move around, your counterpart to recognize the facial expression, which poses and dancing put on him most to this repeat then.
  4. If you bend, you should let the legs always stretched. This is sometimes very tiring, but looks quite simply seductive.
  5. Most importantly, that you keep your hips throughout the match. Try also perform snake movements by straighten your spine once and then curve back. You will soon realize that this is not so difficult.

If you still feel too insecure you, you can either search the Internet for videos and learning courses for stripping or attend special courses. Have fun and good luck!

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