Strollers - the repair of the brakes as possible

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Strollers - the repair of the brakes as possible

A stroller rolls away quickly.

The different types of brakes on the stroller

  • Look at the brake on your pushchair to. There is the possibility that you have a brake with brake shoes such as the bicycle or that you have a brake with interlocking parts.
  • Do you have a brake with brake shoes to the stroller, you get all the parts necessary for the repair at bicycle shops. These brakes can not be ascertained frequently.
  • Do you have a brake with interlocking parts, this has often been developed from the stroller manufacturer itself and the required spare parts can only be ordered from this. These brakes can be identified normally.

Procedure for the repair

  • First, check whether the cable of the brake is still intact. The cable is present in all braking systems and results from the handle of the brake to the actual brake. The course can be covered by a rubber jacket, then you need to check the cable line unhook it and then pull it out of the sheath.
  • If the cable many years old, it may be that he has stretched. Then we recommend a renewal, as this may tear at high loading of the cable.
  • Now check the brake lever. If the cable hooked correctly? If the function of the brake lever no longer exists per se, is a complete replacement is recommended.
  • On the brake, check that the brake shoes do not have rubber or whether the plastic parts are worn. If this is the case, then replace the brake lining or the part.
  • If this is not the fault, then check whether the jaws reach the rim or if the plastic part engages in the recording. If this is not the case, then make to the brake. This is often possible via an adjusting screw or an adjusting wheel.
  • Check after successful repair the function of the brake on the stroller. Pull the brake on, try to push the car.
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