Strophic - so inspect it in a poem

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Strophic - so inspect it in a poem

The ideal place to writing poetry Viola Boxberger / Pixelio

Poetic forms in connection with strophic

  • Poems are available in various forms. Depending on the shape then sets a poem also requests to the stanza. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you can classify the stanza closely, you can also easily infer the shape of the poem. Thus the stanza depends on the poem and the poem depends on the stanza.
  • They should adopt the eight known forms of poetry have in your analysis in mind. You should therefore typical strophic following forms acquire: ballad, elegy, sonnet, ode, song, hymn, epigram and concrete poetry. The forms differ in a number of verses and the verses, in rhyme and rhyme scheme and rhythm. If you file a poem in one of these categories, you need to check which characteristics of the individual forms are applicable.

Strophic in connection with the construction of a poem

The analysis of verses belongs to the analysis of the formal structure of a poem.

  1. Determine how many verses there.
  2. Hold for how many verses has a verse. Remember that one line corresponds to a verse. The concatenation of several verses then gives a verse.
  3. Consider whether you are already able to derive from this insight to what a poem is.
  4. Examine the rhyme in each stanza and find out whether there are similarities in the rhyme scheme between the stanzas. Also observe the internal rhyme in the stanzas.
  5. Then set the rhythm in the verses and stanzas in the opposite.

Have you collected all the results of your operations, you can determine with these documents, the form of the poem.

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