Student, then unemployed: how is it covered by health insurance? - Useful

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Student, then unemployed: how is it covered by health insurance?  - Useful

At study end unemployment can wait.

It is no longer a rarity to move seamlessly from the student life in unemployment. However, it raises the question of how to proceed with health insurance.

As his former student continued health insurance

Who is medically insured as a student by law, which may continue membership after completing their studies - but on different terms. If no social insurance employment relationship, usually comes only insurance as a voluntary member into consideration.

  • There is no compulsory contributions are paid into the unemployment insurance while studying, is after the end also no entitlement to ALG I - for many former Studis this means having to apply for ALG II. Health insurance contributions then accepts the job center.
  • Who the passage there save yourself and somehow wants to make ends meet without permanent employment, which must his health insurance contributions but pay itself to continue to have health insurance. Who does not work full-time as a self-employed, can be classified as other insured, but in the contribution calculation of a notional minimum income of almost 900 euros (as of 2013) is assumed.

The monthly contribution to the health and care is then up to just over 150 euros. And the course must first be applied anyway.

Who then after graduation is unemployed as PKV-insured

  • Those who have private health insurance while studying, which can not easily switch to the GKV after graduation. And with the most favorable tariff study in private health insurance, it is also over.
  • Who feels compelled to relate Hartz IV, however, take care of the needs the Job Center of contributions to private health insurance. A change in the statutory health insurance is usually possible only by receiving a social insurance contributions.

In a study following unemployment long is no longer a rarity. A health insurance should still persist.

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