Studied architecture in Germany - knowing about the future job opportunities

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Studied architecture in Germany - knowing about the future job opportunities

A complete study of architecture.

There is something in the present time difficult to complete a degree in architecture in Germany. Two things have made sure that the future job opportunities not just look rosy. Firstly, the number of architects already operating. There are in any European country as many architects, as in Germany. Secondly, the outlook has deteriorated dramatically to a subsequent activity by the financial crisis.

Studied architecture in Germany - the tasks have changed

  • The financial crisis has ensured that construction projects in Germany scaled back or were even tilted. As long as this continues, will the situation in the near future to change anything.
  • Because of this fact, it is even renowned architectural firms possible, still keeping fairly afloat.
  • Similarly, the fact of the number of architects naturally leads to a very low demand for young professionals.
  • If you find today as an architect a job, you are often used for other tasks. You must, for example, create tables, calculate areas or other things, which of course are not the work for you as an architect, what you have studied.

The requirements in the study

  • To improve the career prospects in Germany, the courses have been increased for a degree in architecture in order to achieve further qualifications.
  • Students must be prepared that the requirements for a qualified degree have become more difficult and there are some who do not make the test therefore.
  • If you have successfully completed the course of study, you should definitely further qualifications (eg in civil engineering). Just so you have the chance to be accommodated in a solid architectural office.
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