Stuttgart in rain - what can you do?

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Stuttgart in rain - what can you do?

Stuttgart's interesting when it rains. Niko_Korte / Pixelio

Stuttgart - Wilhelma and more

Stuttgart applies to many to be stuffy and boring. But the city has much to see and interesting things to offer, especially when it rains.

  • In warm weather, love the Stuttgart and many visitors to Stuttgart, to walk through the Wilhelma, which is named after the former Württemberg King Wilhelm I,. If the system was once applied mid-19th century as a private garden with Moorish-style buildings, so it is today the only zoological and botanical garden in Germany.
  • Would you like to visit the Wilhelma, you can continue to do so in the rain and make the sheltered areas, such as the Insectarium or the Amazon House. The most important buildings are even over a walkway, which connects them to reach dry ground, you were still built for the king specially way.
  • Feast like, is the Stuttgart market hall in the city center, the Monday is open until Friday from 7am to 18:30 and Saturday 7:00 to 16:00, might be right for you. The imposing, is a listed Art Nouveau building has can a glass roof, under the stroll wonderful look, buy and enjoy.

Also you can do when it rains

Who loves the culture, who has the opportunity in the rain to visit a museum, because it has some of Stuttgart.

  • worth seeing In any case, the State Gallery, which was built in the first half of the 19th century under the already mentioned King William I.. Of particular interest is also the 1984 built by James Stirling postmodern extension, which already stands out from the outside.
  • Just as central as the Staatsgalerie, a few minutes walk from the station, you will find the 2005, this art museum. You see it from afar, because the inner structure, a stone cube, surrounded by a glass enclosure. While the cube held mainly exhibitions, is in the basement, which constitute the largest part of the exhibition area, exhibited its own collection.
  • Contemporary art from Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, you can visit the IFA gallery of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations contrast. The IFA Gallery, in the immediate vicinity of the new castle, is centrally located and is easily and quickly accessible from the central station on foot.

Things in rainy weather - Car Museums and children's programs

The state capital is, however, not only blessed with museums for art lovers.

  • Count to car fans, the city, in the oldest car factory in the world is also what to offer. Since 2006, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is ready with Silver Arrow, Popemobile and about 1500 other exhibits in Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt to visitors. Also worth a visit is the beginning of 2009 opened Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.
  • Finally, you also have the option of the German Agricultural Museum, the State Museum for Natural History in Rosenstein Palace, the Linden Museum, behind the National Museum of Ethnology, the National Museum or the Museum of Contemporary History hides visit. Overall Stuttgart has about 50 museums and other venues to offer.
  • Even if you are traveling with children or young people, a visit to the museum offers, because almost all museums have their own programs for children and adolescents in the offer.

Boring it must therefore be neither the residents nor visitors Stuttgart in rain.

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