Styrofoam glue: what? - Informative

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Styrofoam glue: what?  - Informative

When tinkering with Styrofoam you should stick it with the right adhesive.

Styrofoam you can attach, for example, with hot glue

  • In Baumarkt see called. Hot glue guns that fill with resin capsules. After connecting the hot glue gun to a power supply and put into operation, the adhesive begins to heat up and to liquefy accordingly. By simply pressing the shutter button, you can hot glue finally dropwise or strips apply to the styrofoam that you want to stick to one another, if you have asked yourself what your projects successfully, for example. However, it is important when using hot glue, that this is not so hot during application that the material melts.
  • Make sure when choosing a suitable adhesive in addition to the fact that this is completely free of solvents. Does the adhesive but solvents and wear it on the polystyrene, so the material dissolves easily and is perhaps no longer be used (depending on the size of the area to which you have applied the adhesive). For this reason, you should make absolutely sure that the glue absolutely no solvent includes.

What you can fix polystyrene on substrates

  • In hardware store you will also find the so-called. OCF, the addition to simple bonding EPS is to clean surfaces, making the challenge can be met in this way. Therefore, you can also select such a product to fix the polystyrene in a professional manner.
  • Do you want to fix smaller parts during the assembly together, it can be done quite easily using paste. Wet the polystyrene so and fix parts of polystyrene after using needles. When the paste dried, you can easily pull out the needles again.
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