Subscribe BASE - Here's how

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Subscribe BASE - Here's how

In just 3 steps you come to own BASE account.

The company base is one of the most popular mobile operators in Germany and offers customers the opportunity to take by a simple Sign convenient benefits and services in claim. Registration is easy here.

Three steps to register a private BASE account

By registering, the customer gets access to the service "My account" and may also use the so-called Base Circle. The process is conveniently carried out on the Internet and is done in three small steps.

  1. On the company's website must first be on the "My Account" will be clicked. Following can be found at the login window "Register now for BASE" link. If the link is selected, the own BASE number must be entered in the first step. After entering the number, the customer receives an SMS with a unique password.
  2. This password is needed in the second step to confirm the number.
  3. After successfully confirming the password, now comes the third and final step to complete the registration. Here personal data is required for registration. Once this step has been completed, the advantages of the can be used "My account" service.

Benefits of registration

  • These benefits include, for example, the insight into invoices, contract information or a general overview of one's own account.
  • In addition, the Circle can be used, this amounts to a community where you can quickly get in touch with his friends.

Registration on the website is easy and provides the user with free benefits to its mobile phone contract. After a few minutes, the three steps are completed and the service can be used freely.

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    In just 3 steps you come to own BASE account. The company base is one of the most popular mobile operators in Germany and offers customers the opportunity to take by a simple Sign convenient benefits and services in claim. Registration is easy here.

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