Sugar - a drug?

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Sugar - a drug?

Excessive sugar intake leads over the years to diabetes mellitus.

Composition and use of sugar

Sugar is in almost all industrially manufactured foods. There is talk of industrial sugar, the refined sugar from sugar beet and sugar cane. There are also other sugars.

  • For sugar, you tend to think about conventional table sugar. This is sucrose, a disaccharide of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. Table sugar is made from cane or beet.
  • White industrial sugar is refined to the highest degree. It contains no nutrients, just "empty calories". Brauner refined sugar and cane sugar are not significantly better in their properties. Make a difference does (unexplained) whole cane sugar, which is not refined. It consists of the dried juice of the sugar cane and contains many minerals and trace elements. So this is not about empty calories, but you run the body at the same nutrients.
  • Fructose is a simple sugar. It consists of fructose molecules. Fructose is individually present in fruits and honey. Fructose can trigger an adverse reaction.
  • Lactose, the milk sugar, is a disaccharide of glucose and galactose. Lactose may as fructose intolerance or allergies (lactose intolerance or -allergie).
  • Maltose, the malt sugar, is a disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules. Maltose, see others in beer, potatoes and pasta.

What causes sugar metabolism

Refined sugar, which accounts for the bulk of the sugar in the food industry, leading to metabolic reactions that act harmful in the long run.

  • If you take an appreciable amount of sugar to be, your body lots of carbohydrates available quickly because industrial sugar are pure carbohydrates. Sugar is quickly in the blood, which causes the body to insulin.
  • Insulin causes the cells take up sugar from the blood. It lowers blood sugar levels. With a sudden rise in blood sugar much insulin is released to lower the blood sugar level quickly.
  • The rapid rise in blood sugar causes an equally rapid drop. The following sub-sugar by the high insulin secretion, leading to cravings. You access to chocolate or white flour products (these raise blood sugar as fast as sugar) to stabilize blood sugar. The result is another strong insulin - a vicious circle.
  • High sugar consumption can lead to diabetes mellitus type. 2 The cells form an insulin resistance, thereby reducing blood glucose levels rise. The pancreas produces more insulin because of high blood sugar. After years of hard work, the pancreas is exhausted and no longer produces insulin. Therefore, type 2 diabetes will eventually require insulin.
  • When metabolizing sugar trace elements such as manganese consumed. Eat fruits and vegetables, deliver this in addition to carbohydrates and trace elements. Eat refined sugar, you consume the trace elements, without at the same time take some. This is another reason for soon subsequent Hunger: The body requires nutrients to metabolize the sugar can.

In order to curb the negative impact of sweet drinks to many obese New Yorkers tried the mayor of the city, in early 2013, to enforce a ban on sugar. Sodas and coffee should not be allowed to be offered in cups 473 ml. The ban did not last long, since the beverage industry complained against.

From when sugar can be considered drug

Perhaps you know the feeling: you have such a strong Süßhunger that you think of nothing else, and the procurement of sweets is a top priority. These are signs of addictive behavior - with sugar as a drug.

  • Signs of addiction include that of "stuff" the idea dominates that the person of gratification places the highest priority and knows when he gets where its drug. The sugar is consumed in increasing amounts, which is kept secret.
  • Aside from the physiologically explainable cravings when sugar consumption, some people seem to be sensitive to sugar. Sugar dissolves at them from a noise and they show behaviors that indicate an addiction. You know the opening times of the surrounding supermarkets, know where to get late in the evening sugar. They hide their sugar intake prior to their environment. They consume more and more sugar. Sugar acts like a drug to them. We recommend the book "Sugar - no thanks!" Bitten by Jonsson and Pia Nordström Self Test.
  • In most studies documenting a sugar addiction, served rats as test animals. A known rat study is "addiction Evidence for sugar: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake" from 2008 by Bart Hoebel of the University of Princeton. Hoebel demonstrated in the study that rats exhibit unique addictive behavior in relation to sugar consumption. The results can not be extrapolated to humans is critical scientists According.

Whether a sugar addiction with sugar as a drug can be contemplated, look at your own behavior. How easy is it for you to do without sugar? Show behaviors that indicate dependence or addiction? And what if you, despite being requested to take no sugar to be?

Consumption recommendations for industrial sugar

On the subject of industrial sugar a simple rule: the less the better. Sugar has many calories and makes you fat. Excess carbohydrates are converted and stored in the liver in fat. If you want to lose weight, a drastic reduction in sugar consumption is important.

  • Eat as little sugar. Replace it at home with natural sweeteners such as xylitol, which simultaneously provides dental care. Xylitol is derived from corn or tree bark and protects against caries. Eat at Süßhunger fruit.
  • Consume little artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Although studies so far could find no link between aspartame and headaches or cancer, is a synthetic substance. If you rely on a natural diet, using natural sweeteners.
  • Of course, food is associated with pleasure. Forbid not the piece of cake on the birthday party or the caramel syrup if you sit once a week at the cafe. Keep without mortify consumption as low as possible, be. You will find that you need less and less sweet, the less you eat.
  • White flour has a similar effect on blood sugar levels as industrial sugar. Who pays attention to a stable blood sugar, reduces the proportion of white flour in the diet as well as the consumption of sugar.
  • Who is addicted to sugar, should consistently refrain from sugar and white flour. A serving of sugar or white flour immediately triggers the craving for more sugar in sensitive people.

When it comes to sugar applies: High sugar consumption can lead to long-term diabetes mellitus type. 2 As a substitute xylitol is recommended that the Süßhunger actually satisfied, rather than increase it, and also provides dental care. Who is sensitive to sugar, it should be quite deleted from the menu.

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