Suggestiveness - Declaration

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Suggestiveness - Declaration

By suggestive power of the film can have an influence on yourself.

Suggestiveness - Meaning

  • The word "suggestive" can be derived "suggestum" from the Latin phrase, meaning "taught under the hand" means something like. By suggestiveness an unaware expectant and therefore subliminal influence on an individual whose being and its settings is applied.
  • Among suggestive power is the ability or the potential of a medium or a representation to influence the thinking, feeling or action of an individual.
  • Media, which have a certain power of suggestion, are such. As film, photography, television, art. If representations are, for. Example, to theater, dance, readings, etc.

As the power of suggestion manifested

  • Above all, the television can exert a great power of suggestion. News from everywhere disseminated shortly in the world, which affect the human part in their being and in their way of thinking. But series being taken by many people regularly, can have a huge impact on humanity. If a series Actor happens something sad, you might even feel as spectators and a little depressed or somewhat sluggish.
  • Also in the film, the power of suggestion can be found. The viewer identifies with the actors, suffers or is pleased with them and thinks even after the end of the film about the film to. Some people feel inspired to something by a film and use the power of their own lives. The power of suggestion can therefore have positive as well as negative consequences.
  • The photograph may also bear suggestive power in itself. People and art lovers will feel touched by photos, art, sculptures. Looking at the works of her mood may change suddenly -. Such as from sad to happy and carefree. The art therefore has a great influence on people.
  • The suggestive power of theater and dance can be so great that z. B. transmitted the mood of the play to the audience and single people feel z. B. as heroes or are from the time when the opinion, improve the world have to.

The power of suggestion can be found in many different areas. Since news, horror movies, etc. are not always just positive, you must decide to what extent you want those include in your life.

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