Sultry air - so it stays comfortably in the apartment

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Sultry air - so it stays comfortably in the apartment

So let on hot days the humidity outside. Zoschke / Pixelio

This creates sultry air

The sun shines and really you should be happy about. But the move is done outside, surrounding a a wet, clammy air. It is unpleasant and at the slightest movement of sweat drops pave the way across the face. The summer may be glorious, but sultry air is unbearable for many.

  • The air consists partly of water vapor. It is very warm, the air can hold more water vapor.
  • Since cold air can not absorb large amounts of water vapor, the air colder season is particularly dry. This is particularly noticeable on the face and hands, because the skin very quickly tends to drought in this season. In summer, however, the air can absorb far more water vapor and is therefore much more humid.
  • The higher the temperature, the higher may be the amount of water vapor in the air. As temperatures rise above 20 degrees and the water vapor content is simultaneously to at least 80%, the air is referred to as humid.

Sultry air many people feel uncomfortable, especially older people more susceptible to humid air than young.

Thus, the humid air of the apartment stays away

  • In the early morning, the air in the summer is relatively cool. Then it can be good ventilation. Open most all windows, so the cool air can better distribute in your apartment.
  • Once heralds the morning and the air is warmer, you should close the window. Also on the bottom-hung windows you should not, because that comes back sultry air in your home. If the windows are all closed, the sultry air stays outside.
  • Flats heat up by sunlight, so it is recommended that you pull your shutters or curtains. By covered window the sun can not get into your apartment, and less heat is generated.

For evening, while the air cools down, you can open the windows again and ventilate properly. How to get comfortable on the day in which has been spreading sultry air.

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