Superstitious idioms - the use simply explained

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Superstitious idioms - the use simply explained

Symbols of good luck and bad luck in superstition

Luck-bringing superstition

Aller superstitious idioms have their roots in the Middle Ages. Life at that time was associated with many dangers and thus the human symbols and customs, where they could hold searched.

  • Will you, that in his home happiness feeder holds and every misfortune and evil forces are kept, a horseshoe nailed one over the entrance door. It is important that the shoe is connected with the opening upwards. Would you hang it the other way around, that would mean disaster. Horses were then a precious asset and a symbol of power and strength. But the horse had a weakness: Their hooves. Large distances were traveled by horse and it ranged even small injuries to the hoof of the horse to bring the statements to fail. A horseshoe kept the horses from injury and made it easier for people to travel long distances. The invention of the horseshoe so was fortunate for the people, which is still honored by this custom.
  • The 4-leaved clover promises great fortune. Both the Finder, and if one gives it. The origin is here on the one hand in the rarity of this clover. Secondly, says a legend that Eve was taken from Paradise, a 4-leaf clover. She took it as a souvenir of the beauty of the paradise itself. Symbolically are the 4 sheets of the cross of Christ and thus is representative as a protector against evil.
  • If one encounters a chimney sweep and touched his golden buttons, this promises happiness. This is because it bordered the Middle Ages to be a disaster if the chimney was blocked. Because that meant that you could not get a fire to burn and the people thus threatened hunger and cold. That was, at worst, dangerous for the people. A chimney sweep meant in such a case, very lucky, because it helped people to heat and eat.

promised superstitious sayings that pitch

  • A black cat that comes from the left, it means bad luck. This superstitious phrase owes its origin to the Church. In the Middle Ages the church had the say. The churchmen saw in the cat a symbol of witches and therefore she was a deputy of Satan. In addition, Black was the color of demons and evil. It was said that the witches would turn into black cats to more easily carry out their evil magic can. The phrase "black cat from the left" was particularly ominous, is because that in the Middle Ages, the left side was the bad and evil side. Hence the term "awkward" for a person who is not telling the truth and evil ulterior motive has. This was chosen just left the bad side is passed down through the Bible. On Judgment Day, the good should stand on the right side, while the evil should put on the left side.
  • That a broken mirror means bad luck was because everything where you could see your reflection, a mysterious force was awarded. For men of the Middle Ages saw it as a part of their soul. Zerbrach a mirror, broke the soul that was reflected in it. Thus, the people were very afraid of losing their soul when a mirror was broken. Even today, for superstitious people means a broken mirror 7 years of bad luck.
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