Support for virus-infected computers

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Support for virus-infected computers

Rescue Your Data!

Load a Restore Point on the computer

  1. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you restart your PC and press more times the F8 key as soon as the Windows logo appears. For all other versions of Windows, press during the boot-ups the F5 key and select "Safe Mode" from.
  2. Now select the menu "Repair your computer" from. Then opens a graphical interface, which offers help and some tools to repair the virus-infected computer.
  3. Click the "System Restore" option. This displays a list of the last system restore points.
  4. Select a point where you have more control of your PC, and click "Restore" on.
  5. Now Windows 7 starts your help needy system to its previous state reset. Restart your system after the update has been carried out, and start a virus scan.

Should you find the System Restore still have problems to start the system, restart the computer repair and select "System Image Recovery". This your whole system is overwritten and relaunched.

The latest help for virus-infected computers

  1. Download and burn the free stand-alone Linux "Knoppix", on another computer. Make sure to burn it to the CD as a "boot-up" CD and if necessary, change the boot sequence in your BIOS so to that is first started from CD.
  2. Now insert the CD in the virus-infected computer and let the system from the CD launch. This is not the Windows operating system is loaded, but a minimal Linux version called "Knoppix".
  3. If the operating system is fully charged, you can like in Windows Explorer to copy the data from the internal to an external hard drive and save thus.
  4. Then it is recommended to reinstall the Windows operating system in order to prevent recontamination by viruses.
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