Suzuki TS 250 - as you change the cylinder head

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Suzuki TS 250 - as you change the cylinder head

repair engines on two wheels.

The engine of the Suzuki TS 250

The Japanese motorcycle Suzuki TS 250 has a drive a two-stroke engine with a cylinder.

  • Any repairs can be made entirely by you yourself at some craftsmanship, as it is this is a two-stroke engine, in which also the cylinder head can be replaced relatively easily.
  • All you need is a suitable replacement part with the corresponding cylinder head gasket and a well-stocked toolbox.
  • You should when replacing the cylinder head in the Suzuki TS 250 just make sure that you are as clean as possible so that no dirt particles can enter the cylinder. The sealing surfaces must be kept clean.

Change the cylinder head so

  1. First, remove the spark plug cap and unscrew the spark plug with a suitable socket wrench out.
  2. Now loosen the six nuts on the cylinder head carefully with a socket wrench. Should not this be solved right away, spray them with a little rust remover, leaving it for some time.
  3. Do you have the nuts away, you can take down the cylinder head carefully from the cylinder.
  4. Clean Carefully density area on the cylinder and remove remnants of the old cylinder head gasket.
  5. You can then hang up the new cylinder head gasket on the engine of the Suzuki TS 250 and fix the cylinder head.
  6. You can then start the nuts from the cylinder head and initially rotate by hand.
  7. Then tighten the mounting nuts evenly crosswise.
  8. Do you have all the nuts tightened, tighten it again after crosswise.
  9. You can then unscrew the plug in and tighten the spark plug.
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