Sweden Chess - Policy and Rules

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Sweden Chess - Policy and Rules

You only need pads, throwing sticks and corner rods to play chess Sweden

Sweden Chess - goal and Game History

The Kubbs and throwing sticks are strictly speaking not a toy, but a sports device. The game is played according to the rules today about since 1990 in Scandinavia and continues to gain popularity. It could have come from the Finnish Mölkky because the games are similar in art. Such games should have been already played by the Vikings. The idea behind the game is simple: Two parties are fighting to defeat the king. So it is also a skill and a strategy game. The name of Sweden Chess brings the tactics to the fore, names like Bauer cone, the necessary skill. The names have been designed to promote the game outside of Sweden.

  • You need two teams, consisting of one to six persons. The beauty of Sweden Chess is that the teams may have different strengths. Games for two against three or four against five persons also be fun. The weaker team has no downside.
  • As pitch suitable hard sand, grass, snow surfaces and any other hard surface. Ideally, you want the four corner rods can be stuck into the ground as a boundary to mark out a field from five to eight meters. The substrate has an impact on the stability of the blocks, which are called Kubbs. They fall on hard ground to lighter, which is for beginners advantageous. In soft sand or loose snow the Kubbs sink a little, they can be difficult to overturn.
  • Both short lines are the baselines. In this, each team five Kubbs at about the same distance. The king, the great Kubb comes centers. The figures and throwing sticks you can make hardwood yourself or buy ready in the set. They find that wooden toys on the market.
  • The teams now get alternately six throwing sticks in order to throw the Kubbs the opponent. The team that has overturned all Kubbs the opponent must, upset the king with a throwing stick. Should a team upset this before all Kubbs the enemy lie, she has lost the game. The winner is who has overturned all Kubbs the opponent and the king.
  • The throwing technique you should practice something: Grasp the throwing wood on at one end. Run your hand backward and forward momentum. Let it go in this movement. It has to be thrown from the bottom upwards. Horizontal throws where the wood rotates like a boomerang, and throws from above are prohibited.

Rules of the long version of Kubb

The variant is very popular in Sweden. These rules also German championships and world championships. The game takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

  1. The game starts with one throw from each team to the king. The team, whose wood is closer to the king, (Team A) begins. If the king to on a roll, the team, in this stopped begins.
  2. Team A gets all throwing sticks and tried by litters overturn the Kubbs at the baseline of the opponent. Team B throws the fallen Kubbs in the half of Team B. Tip: The cast Kubbs should close together and as far away land from the king.
  3. Team A puts all Kubbs on where they have landed in the field. If Team B has not placed a Kubb also the second throw in the field, Team A must place this. Tip: Make it possible close to the king. but he will have at least one throwing stick length of this are removed.
  4. Now raises Team B on the Kubbs. Before the team can upset the Kubbs on the baseline, it must all upset in the field only. Should the Team B not to overthrow all Kubbs field, Team A may advance up to the stationary box Kubb. Players may also left or right up next to the Kubb, but must remain in the pitch.
  5. Team A throws the overturned Kubbs into the opponent's court. This throws must be made from the baseline. Team B is on the Kubbs and Team A may now, if Team B has not overturned all Kubbs to throw from the advanced position.
  6. Once manages a team to overthrow all Kubbs the opponent's field and at its base, it may throw on the king. If to this, the team has won.

Example: Team A shall take the first throw three Kubbs. These are the pitch of the team A. Team B must now overturn these three Kubbs before it knocks the Kubbs at baseline. Suppose it raises three Kubbs to the field. These will now be thrown into the field of B and A, it must meet before he knocks Kubbs at baseline.

Short version of the game

If you play with kids Sweden chess, the short version of the game is more interesting. You can also allow small children to throw from the center line, instead of the baseline. The short version is more suitable for beginners total. They develop a sense of throwing and the game is more exciting.

  • In the short version eliminated all Kubbs that are in the field and will be overturned when throwing.
  • If you must throw several wooden blocks into the opponent's field, represents this every thrown Kubb immediately. If this overturned by one of the next Kubbs he exudes.
  • You may, if you have overturned the last Kubb, just throw on the king, if you have two throwing sticks. If you only have one, the opponent's turn and may the standing with you Kubbs upset with the boomerang.

Other variants of chess Sweden

  • You can limit the playing time to 45 minutes. A started play is played to the end, even if this means the time limit is exceeded. To determine the winner of the match, the teams throw consecutively six throwing sticks to the king. The team with the most "king falls" is the winner. The timeout is useful for larger tournaments where a schedule is observed.
  • When physically weaker players, the length of the field to six meters can be shortened. This option is also in limited space.
  • When touching Kubbs after throwing in the opponent's court, stack them on each other. Should this occur, a tower, which is not stable, set successively less Kubbs. The other place beside the tower. Stacking is not common in official tournaments.

The most important in Sweden chess is that it amuses you. Unless you participate in an official tournament, you change in private games rules on how it will make sense to you.

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