Swimming with new ear holes - what you should note

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Swimming with new ear holes - what you should note

Pierced ears may ignite.

Have you had to pierce new pierced ears, you need to consider a few things to protect against infection. If everything healed well, but it is no problem to go swimming with new ear holes. but hygiene have to.

Do note that new ear holes

  • In the first week after the jump you should not go swimming. For great is the danger that in the fresh wound advised germs and the pierced ears ignite.
  • Are your ears pierced inflamed, ie fester they are very red or hot, you should not go swimming also. Bacteria from the water could aggravate the inflammation still.
  • Glue the pierced paving which is water resistant. So you can prevent the dirt from entering the wound.
  • Wear the earrings that were made to you in stitches in the ears, even while swimming. They should not be taken out of the ear holes in the first few weeks.
  • A chlorinated pool is better than a possibly dirty lake with freshly pierced ear holes. Go to the seaside, keep in mind that the salt water can burn in a wound very.

After swimming maintain remember

  • Wash after swimming ears with a mild soap. The pierced ears should be well cleaned to prevent any existing germs get into the wound.
  • Disinfect the pierced ears after swimming with a skin disinfectant. It kills germs and bacteria, thus preventing inflammation.

If you want to go swimming with new ear holes, hygiene is very important to prevent severe infections.

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