Switch In the alternator voltage regulator - how it works

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Switch In the alternator voltage regulator - how it works

to switch the voltage regulator in the alternator itself is not difficult.

To change your car the voltage regulator of the alternator itself, you need to a corresponding tool and the second bit of craftsmanship and a guide. Everything is available, you can repair your car yourself.

Removal of the old voltage regulator

  1. Ask to a place where you can leave it in for repair, without it being disruptive to others in any way. Your vehicle The best is to always own driveway - assuming you have one and it is large enough.
  2. First, open the hood.
  3. Some car manufacturers, the generator must be removed beforehand. Check to see if that is in your car too. If so, remove it so that you come to the regulator in the alternator.
  4. then Disconnect the battery. This means that you must remove both cable of this.
  5. If you do not have to take out the generator, simply unscrew the voltage regulator at the rear of the generator and take this then gently.

Check and change the regulator in the alternator

  1. Measure. After removing the carbon brushes on the voltage regulator Are those shorter than 5 mm, replace the carbon brushes.
  2. You must unsolder the pigtail and check the slip rings for wear. If necessary you must easily rotate and polish.
  3. Now check the bias of the contact spring and clean the contact surface thoroughly. Bring nothing, you have to renew if necessary.
  4. Once that is done, you put the carbon brushes and springs into the brush holder and solder the connections.
  5. So when soldering the new brush no solder can climb up to the wire, it is best to include the pigtail of the brush with a pair of pliers.
  6. A tip to: caution in hochsteigendem solder. This can give you the strand stiff and make the brush unusable.
  7. The insulating tube over the wire, you must stall next to the solder joint with the existing eyelet.
  8. Now you can install the regulator in the alternator again.

Test run after installation of the controller

  1. Check after installation of the new carbon brushes, whether these have a slight run in the brush holders.
  2. Then screw the voltage regulator only to only one screw by hand.
  3. Press it carefully into its final installation position and fix it then completely.
  4. You may build at last the generator back on, tighten the belt and clamp to the car battery.
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