Switch lock cylinder - how it works at the door

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Switch lock cylinder - how it works at the door

A locking cylinder you can switch itself

Over time, wear also a lock cylinder to the door. Already at the first signs that make mostly through difficult course Close noticeable, replace the lock cylinder. For this you need no installer. You can do this easily by you.

To replace a lock cylinder from

Before replacing a lock cylinder, you must get a new one. This requires that you measure the thickness of the door. Front doors are thicker than room doors normally. After the thickness of the door, the length of the lock cylinder is directed.

  1. Once you have obtained a suitable locking cylinder, you can remove the old one. That's not hard.
  2. First, insert the key into the lock. Then open the door so that the front side of the door lock is available. There you will find about in the middle of a Phillips screw. This you must completely unscrew with a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Then you can slide the lock cylinder side. Sometimes it is necessary to move the key back and forth slightly.
  4. In the new lock cylinder then insert one of the key provided and slide it sideways into the opening.
  5. The new lock cylinder, you must secure it with the Phillips screw again. To turn the screw into the thread, be patient is usually required. In no case the screw may tilt during insertion.
  6. Once you have the screw tightened, you should check the functionality of the new lock cylinder. Guests must simply conclude once and unlock.

Finally, the notice that you can increase the shelf life of a lock cylinder, if you oil it at least once a year. Thus it is always easily and is protected against corrosion.

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