Switch PC Power Supply - Instructions

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Switch PC Power Supply - Instructions

Will the PC no longer, is perhaps the PSU broken.

If your PC does not want to boot up or shut down by itself, may be due to the power supply. Is this broken, the PC can no longer be supplied with power and thus no longer works well. Want it myself change, you can do that creates even a layman with instructions.

To switch the power supply - Instructions

  1. Turn the power supply back to the computer and remove the PC from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the computer case carefully.
  3. The power supply is back up and has a slightly larger box. Before you screw do now, get a plan where which connector is on the PSU. Keep in mind that your hardware is connected to the power supply and must therefore also be staked.
  4. Screw the PSU gently, or hold it in place so it can not fall on the hardware. Remove it carefully.
  5. Slide the new power supply gently back into the opening, screw it and close your hardware again.
  6. Pull the PC back to the housing, connect all the cables and give him power. Do not forget to turn on the on-switch of power supply.

Therefore, the PC need a new one

  • The change of the power supply can be necessary, if your PC is shut down just after prolonged use. Often, the power supply is broken and overheated - before the computer is damaged, it will shut down.
  • Like any electronic part can of course this simply break. There is, fortunately, a part that is not as expensive to acquire.

Look before purchasing sure which power supply you need. In a pinch you apply the information from your old. Do not worry, the change is really not difficult and with manual approaches each.

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