Table build - Instructions for DIY

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Table build - Instructions for DIY

Table build - made easy.

Something skill and courage you need and already succeeds also you to build a table itself and the best part is: There will always be a single piece, and you will be able to be on your work very proud.

Preparations for the table

  1. First of all you need to get the materials needed. The size of the worktop and the table legs depend on your personal wishes and ideas.
  2. So get yourself a worktop and the associated edge band, best applied with adhesive surface and the clamping plates in matching veneer. let cropping you can all the same at the hardware store.
  3. At home, you bring the edge band to the countertop to using an iron. These put the iron on cotton and iron the edge bandings. Protruding edges cut off quite smoothly with a sharp knife.

Now to build the table

  1. The table top is attached to the table legs. In order to ensure a better grip of the table legs to the plate, you should as an additional compound other than the glue also affix wooden dowels.
  2. Given measure of tabletop and table legs of exactly where the anchors come. The easiest are two plugs on one side. They measure from on board and leg, where they will be, drill with a wood bit of the appropriate size of the holes and insert purely the wooden dowels.
  3. Before launching tabletop and legs connect, enter even wood glue to the joints and press it together well.
  4. As the table but would not hold so, you must connect via the mounting bracket to the table top, the table legs now still. Given to present this to the table leg and top and secure it with wood screws.
  5. If you want, you can at the bottom of the table legs still attach small flat Felt.

Now you unique is finished and you will realize build a table itself is not all that difficult.

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