• Bushes pruning - so cut Kirschlorbeer correctly
    Bushes pruning - so cut Kirschlorbeer correctly

    Pruning of shrubs in the garden will be carefully considered. Bushes cut back - What You Should Consider There are a number of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, thorn bushes, flowering shrubs, fruit bushes, butterflies and birds bushes. These include t

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  • cut blueberries
    cut blueberries

    Blueberries are very healthy. Why do blueberries a section Wild blueberries grow preferentially as small bushes in forests. The garden shrubs hand are large and need care. If you get good harvest, must cut they, as the berries need a lot of light and

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  • multiply gooseberries
    multiply gooseberries

    Gooseberries ripen on the bush. Propagating with cuttings Are the gooseberries harvested, is the best time for growing. Plan for a dry and warm day. Always use a sharp, clean tools. As a result, the wounds close better and bend troublesome diseases.

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  • Maintain cranberry plants properly
    Maintain cranberry plants properly

    To maintain cranberry plants properly. To succeed in the care of cranberry plants If you want good growing cranberry plants grow, you should follow a few important care instructions. If you want to plant cranberry bushes, you should pay attention to

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