• cut weigela - Here's how
    cut weigela - Here's how

    Also a weigela required times a topiary To cut a weigela Basically need Weigela actually no average when they were planted at a large enough space. Often it is sufficient auszulichten dry branches or dead wood. If you are one of those neglected or se

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  • Hazel plants - what to look for
    Hazel plants - what to look for

    The hazelnut is easy to plant and maintain. General information about the hazelnut The hazelnut is suitable for large and with appropriate interface for small gardens. It grows much stout and shrubby. The shrubs reach stature heights of up to 6 m and

    Plants, garden, Hazelnut, shrubMay 29

  • umpflanzen currant bush - how it's done
    umpflanzen currant bush - how it's done

    Correct transplanting guarantees bountiful harvest. As each plant has a currant bush only a limited life expectancy. One speaks generally of approximately 15 productive years, after such drives a shrub hardly or no longer new, and passed slowly. So i

    garden, pruning, transplanting, currant, shrubMarch 28