• Disc Flyer - Informative
    Disc Flyer - Informative

    Trees grow individually and in groups. Disc flyer or wings fruit In a disc flyer is a wing fruit that ensures due to its ingenious nature for procreation. You can recognize the delicate flyer on bright, transparent wings that form an oval disc. In th

    garden, tree, elm, woodland, KugelulmeJune 20

  • plant and cultivate maple - so succeeds's
    plant and cultivate maple - so succeeds's

    Only green, then colorful - the maple in the garden. Maple Maple is not equal Before planting a maple in your garden, you must decide among different varieties. Gather out the criteria by which you can simplify the choice is yours. If the Maple serve

    Plants, garden, Hedge, tree, mapleJune 20

  • Maintain apple thorn correctly
    Maintain apple thorn correctly

    Apple thorn graces your garden. Apple arbor - the year a delight The apple thorn - also "apfelblättriger" called Hawthorn - is a thorn tree from lower plant height and is thus also suitable for small gardens or front yards. From May it blooms be

    garden, tree, hawthorn, apple thorn, apple fruitsMay 4

  • About hornbeam
    About hornbeam

    Sealing leafy and enormously capable of regeneration the hornbeam is part of our native forests Recognition of hornbeam The hornbeam or hornbeam one of the book-like (lat .: Fagalas), an order to which, inter alia, the European beech counts. It is, h

    garden, tree, hornbeam, hornbeam hedge, hardwoodApril 25

  • Bonsai itself drag - a guide
    Bonsai itself drag - a guide

    Drag a bonsai itself needs especially patience! Bonsai trees - decorative plants To draw a Bonsai yourself, you should know some things. Translated, bonsai as much as "planting in the shell". It is a Japanese word which is derived from the Chine

    garden, plant, tree, bonsai, bonsai breedingOctober 21

  • Life cycle of a tree - Overview
    Life cycle of a tree - Overview

    Each tree is subject to a predictable life cycle. Recurring, clearly visible from the outside processes determine the annual life cycle of a tree. Moreover, can the plant be divided into three biological portions. The tree and its life cycle The firs

    garden, school, tree, life cycle, tree ringsOctober 20

  • Olive Tree - Care, Pruning & Co.
    Olive Tree - Care, Pruning & Co.

    An olive tree is undemanding. Maintenance of olive trees The care of the olive tree becomes quite simple, because it is an undemanding plant. It comes from poor areas with much heat and sun. Some species grow in the Pyrenees and withstand frost. Most

    Plants, garden, tree, olive, Olive TreeMarch 2

  • Blood plums cut - Instructions
    Blood plums cut - Instructions

    A guide for cutting a blood plum. To crop a Blutpflaume correctly bear fruit trees When it is important as to thin the branches of fruit trees from that sufficient air and light can get to the individual branches. Only if a sufficient supply of air a

    garden, cut, tree, plum tree, blood plumFebruary 4

  • plant nectarines - Here's how
    plant nectarines - Here's how

    Nectarines from home-grown tree are the gardener's highest wage. Nectarines need a warm climate The nectarine is a variant of the peach. Their smooth surface comes from but without the typical peach fuzz, but it is a lot like him in the size, shape a

    Plants, garden, tree, nectarinesJanuary 23

  • Linde plant trees - what you should note
    Linde plant trees - what you should note

    Linden trees are magnificent. Preparations for planting of lime trees It is best to seek out a linden tree from a nursery. This will cut expertly cope. If you want to dig yourself a tree and replant it, you have the shoots cut something, depending on

    Plants, garden, tree, linden, TiliaJanuary 6

  • Evergreen - so put your Thuja in scene
    Evergreen - so put your Thuja in scene

    An evergreen tree attracts especially in winter all eyes on you. An evergreen tree stands without question, especially in winter from any garden produce. But that the plant comes into play accordingly in the rest of the year, you should consider a co

    garden, tree, evergreen ThujaJanuary 6

  • A tree planting on the birth - how it works
    A tree planting on the birth - how it works

    A tree on the birth of plants. Why plant a tree? It is an old tradition to plant a tree after the birth of a child. Formerly a hole was dug and placed the placenta therein. Then came top of an apple tree and a girl a pear tree for a boy. Thus, tree a

    Children, gifts, tradition, tree, birthDecember 26

  • Cherries harvest from the tree - how do I do it right?
    Cherries harvest from the tree - how do I do it right?

    These cherries are ripe and ready for harvest. To do it right. Every year in late summer you can harvest the fresh red cherries from the tree. Whether sour cherries or sweet cherries, freshly harvested, you are a delight in all variations. But harves

    garden, fruit, tree, Cherries, harvestingNovember 20

  • How to build a tree house?  - A construction manual
    How to build a tree house? - A construction manual

    A wish of almost all children - the tree house. How can you build a tree house First you should choose on your property or on a plot where you can build a tree house, a suitable tree. The tree should have as many thick branches, allowing you to build

    DIY, house, tree, tree houseNovember 13

  • American sweetgum - Care
    American sweetgum - Care

    Prime example of Indian Summer - the sweetgum. The sweetgum is originally from the North America, where it is up to 45 meters high. In this country it grows only about 15 feet into the air, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular with home g

    Maintenance, plant, tree, Indian summer, sweetgumOctober 28

  • plants Tannenbaum - so you breed your own Christmas tree
    plants Tannenbaum - so you breed your own Christmas tree

    Here ripen very many Christmas trees. plant the own Tannenbaum In order to plant their own tree, it is not long requires as much skill as you would at first glance might think. Consider the natural circumstances in which the Christmas tree in nature

    Plants, garden, tree, Tannenbaum, seedlingOctober 13

  • buy cedar - it CONSIDERATIONS
    buy cedar - it CONSIDERATIONS

    Cedarwood is top quality and smells delicious. You should be aware of when buying cedar Cedar is one of the highest quality and most durable woods in the market. But whether for infrared cabins, canoes, shoe soles or the humidor: When buying cedar sh

    DIY, wood, tree, cedarOctober 13

  • Fir cases - permission for the garden, seek
    Fir cases - permission for the garden, seek

    Much become too big - sometimes you have to make a fir. There she is, but unfortunately the beautiful too large fir, which is to go there to life. Whether you have not thought of himself years ago that such trees eventually become very large, or if y

    garden, plant, license, treeOctober 12

  • Apples rotting on the tree - what to do?
    Apples rotting on the tree - what to do?

    harvest Beautiful red Apfelbäckchen Apples rot before harvest Rotten apples already on the tree, it is in most cases to a disease of fruit trees, for example, the fruit rots Monilia. Responsible is a fungus with the name "Monilinia fructigena".

    garden, Apple, fungus, tree, apple diseasesOctober 6

  • Birch - the tree and its characteristics
    Birch - the tree and its characteristics

    Birches are versatile. Birken - properties and distribution areas White or birch trees belong to the family of Betulaceae. The species is one of the very fast-growing and deciduous tree woods. The tree prefers a sunny position and is very frugal in t

    garden, leaves, seeds, tree, BirchAugust 18