tailor from sheepskin vest itself - how it works

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tailor from sheepskin vest itself - how it works

You can tailor a vest Sheepskin itself.

To make a sheepskin vest

  1. You can tailor a sheepskin vest when you first trim the back part. It should be 50 times 60 cm.
  2. The front of your vest incurred should then be 25 times 60 cm. Cut this out also.
  3. Now, a front part is placed on the left side of the back portion and stitched together, the side seam at the seam. However, this seam does not go all the way up, but should only be 30 cm long. This work perform best by using the sewing machine. Thus the seam is determined also nice and you do not rectify later.
  4. Sew the right side of the sheepskin together at the seam with the back. The seam is only 30 cm long. This will be done in a few minutes.
  5. Sew both parts at the top of the shoulder together. The seam should be on each side about 16 to 17 cm long.
  6. Now the cut for the neck has to be made. For this purpose, a mark is drawn on the inside. You use the pins and mark a point located 10 cm from the upper seam, and cut a round neckline made.

Sew up a feed

You can incorporate an additional feed in your sheepskin vest.

  1. Begin by cutting as in the fur and a back and two front sides.
  2. The individual components will now be stitched together and stitched to the inside of the garment.
  3. You can then incorporate a tie belt of satin. It should be about five cm wide and one meter long.
  4. Sew inside the garment loops, which are at a distance of about twenty centimeters. You can then pull the belt through the loops.
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