take convector properly in operation

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take convector properly in operation

The room temperature you choose at will.

operate properly convector

Operate your convector principle only in well-ventilated spaces. Do not cover the unit or place any combustible objects in front of it.

  1. For the installation of your Gaskonvektors first open the gas connection cock.
  2. Then, turn the control knob 1 in the ignition position and press it on.
  3. Now press the second control button to ignite the flame, until the pilot flame.
  4. Keep pushing the knob 1 pressed about ten seconds, and release it, then release.
  5. Turns off the flame, you must repeat the ignition after three minutes.
  6. Burns the pilot, you can set the desired temperature.

Space heaters - make settings

  1. Does the approach room temperature does not meet your needs, you can raise or lower by adjusting a lower or higher number selectively.
  2. For the night, set the control knob 1 to a smaller number or to the pilot symbol.
  3. Do you want to take the convector off briefly, turn the control knob to 1 on the ignition to the right stop.
  4. For longer interruptions commissioning connect additionally the gas connection cock.
  5. If you want to now use the convector again, due to the reclosing lockout You must therefore wait 60 seconds.
  6. Make sure that your gas convector is regularly maintained in order to ensure the operational safety can resistant. In this context, the flue damper must be checked for their functionality and cleaned of dirt.
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