take prepaid number - and it is the new supplier

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take prepaid number - and it is the new supplier

bring own number. Stephanie Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

What does this take away the number

  • If you change your telecom provider - because the new entrant has cheaper rates - then you get a new phone number rule. This is because each provider has its own area code alone for the reason. However, you also have the option to take the existing phone number.
  • This possibility also exists with prepaid numbers. Although you often have no contract term in this case, the procedures for take away a prepaid number still the same as a contract phone.

take the prepaid number

So you can take your prepaid number and then seamlessly (no times when you are not available) is working, you should proceed as follows:

  1. See in the contract documents or in the delivery documents, if you have a contract period with your prepaid phone. In most cases, you have no contract term.
  2. Nevertheless, you need to cancel your current provider. The corresponding notice must be requested from your current provider, as these times may vary between two and four weeks.
  3. You must also notify the previous supplier in the notice that you want to take your call.
  4. The entrainment of the prepaid number is always associated with the calculation of a toll. The fee also varies and should be requested from the supplier.
  5. Once you have the most notice confirmation, you can buy a prepaid cell phone to the new provider. Share the new entrant, the notice period, your previous number and personal information with. Again, you must inform the seller that you want to take the prepaid number.
  6. Note that on the date of the last notice the fee from the old provider is deducted from your prepaid balance. If you have no credit, then the passing of the prepaid number is prevented in most cases. Thus, you would then either have to live without a working telephone number for a few hours or even a few days.
  7. The entrainment of the prepaid phone is the new providers usually free. In many cases you get a separate credit if the old number will be taken.
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