taken care with natural products correctly - Hair

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taken care with natural products correctly - Hair

Olive oil has a natural.

Hair have different needs. With home remedies from natural products you can make your care individually and dispense it to chemical pollutants. To find out what your hair does best, however, you must play around a bit, after all you can not see at first glance whether your hair just need proteins or moisture.

Natural products for hair

The shampoo can not simply deny a home remedy. Here you access to the best herbal shampoos from the health food store. Carefully read the ingredients or ask for, because not everything that includes herbal remedies dispensed, consistently on petroleum products and chemical additives.

  • For regular care to rinses offer. Rinse your wet hair and let the substances to act for about 10 minutes before you rinse it again.
  • A beer rinse gives dull hair new shine and works well against dandruff.
  • If you have dandruff and rather greasy hair, rinse it with diluted apple cider vinegar. The ratio between vinegar and water should be about 1: 1.
  • Black tea strengthens hair, but should be very thoroughly rinsed out blond hair, since the color otherwise may look pale.
  • For a gentle, gradual lightening and extra shine rinse the hair with chamomile tea regularly.
  • Nettle tea helps fight oily hair.

Intensive care with treatments

  • Cures provide your hair with intensive care, but should not be done every day, but not more than once a week.
  • To the hair to strengthen and give it moisture, making a Mandel├Âlkur. Distribute the oil from the approaches to the tips and also massage the scalp with it. Thereby the blood circulation is improved, which strengthens hair growth.
  • For splissige lengths and ends olive oil is recommended. Since it is very heavy and greasy, it should not be distributed in the batches and on the scalp and thoroughly washed.
  • can oil cures either at least half an hour to act and are then washed or worn overnight under a hood of cling film.
  • A cure with yolk strengthens hair. When protein is get involved with, rinse your hair out less than lukewarm, otherwise the protein solidifies and get it very difficult to remove.
  • A total care for your hair, you can use a very soft avocado, creating a large spoon sunflower oil and a dash of lemon. Mix everything, apply it on the entire hair and leave it at least a quarter of an hour to act.
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