taken duties of chloroplasts under the microscope

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taken duties of chloroplasts under the microscope

Chloroplasts are small bodies of the cells, including plants.

What are chloroplasts

The word chloroplasts comes from ancient Greek and means "shaped" and "green". You have to meet a lot of tasks.

  • Biologists call chloroplasts than the organelles of cells. They are so to speak, a cell in the cell. Organelles called small bodies, from plants and green algae.
  • Responsible they are for the so-called photosynthesis and is in them chlorophyll. At the chlorophyll the photosystems expire.
  • The small bodies in the cells are surrounded by a double membrane. Histology and Cell Biology, a double membrane is a recognizable appearance under the microscope. These include two adjacent biomembranes. So many foreign words. This is nothing more than that there is a separating layer between a living cell.
  • Double membranes are sold by chloroplasts, plastids (included among other dye) and the nucleus surrounded.
  • The plastids are also responsible for reserve materials - for example Amyloplasts. It is stored sugar (amylose). You have no dye.
  • Inside the small organs see structures. Among them are the chlorophyll and further colorants such as carotenoids. This makes the plant as beautifully green and is one of the tasks of the organelles.

The functions in the cell during photosynthesis

  • In order for the plants to grow and thrive, they need light. The chloroplasts have the task to influence photosynthesis.
  • Photosynthesis is the ancient Greek "light" and "composition". It is the generation of energy-rich substances from the lower-energy substances.
  • These include so-called photons (light quanta energy). They strike the earth with the sunlight. Next include carbon, hydrogen, ground water and gas to. Everything is in the atmosphere. Oxygen is produced as a waste product.
  • As the chlorophyll is in the chloroplasts, there are many tasks that come together to carry out photosynthesis. This is only possible with the dye. The small institutions take carbon dioxide in and water, to seek help from the solar energy and the light and thus produce the oxygen and glucose.
  • But the chloroplasts have other tasks. Because they have their own genome (gene). They can also be used genetically. Researchers read from these genes and proteins can be produced.

That is, the organelles own DNA possess (genetic material).

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