taken saw under the microscope - Solo 634

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taken saw under the microscope - Solo 634

With a chainsaw in the forest Paul Georg_Meister / Pixelio

If you are looking for a very handy chainsaw, eventually had the Solo 634 exactly the right model for you. The chain saw is easy to use. You can cut down smaller trees so that even if this is necessary. Otherwise, it is very suitable for pruning and the pruning of fruit trees.

Specifications of the Solo 634

  • The chainsaw solo 634 is equipped with a two-stroke engine. The engine has a displacement of 34 cc. The power is 2.2 hp.
  • It is possible to mount a cutter assembly of 38 cm length of the chain saw. This can cut down trees that have a trunk diameter of up to 70 cm.
  • To precipitate but thicker trees, the engine power is not sufficient. The strengths of the chain are in light work, such as cutting back bushes or limbing spruce.
  • For operating a two-stroke mixture has a mixing ratio of 1: 25 is used. That is, to 25 liters of gasoline must be mixed 1 liter two-stroke oil.
  • But there are also special two-stroke oils for chainsaws. In these oils, a mixing ratio ranging from 1: 40th
  • The maximum engine speed is 12,000 rpm. The idle speed is 2800 rev / min.

Other features of the chain saw

  • Like many other saws also that Solo is 634 equipped with a fully automatic chain lubrication. The tank capacity for the chain oil holds 0.28 liters. The fuel tank holds 0.48 liters. Through the different capacity of the two tanks, both liquids can be refilled always the same.
  • When operating under permanent full load range the fuel and chain oil for about half an hour of work.

The chainsaw solo 634 is also ideally suited to make firewood. That should certainly all interested that use a fireplace or stove for heating.

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