Taking a trampoline bill

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Taking a trampoline bill

The trampolining posing risk of injury.

Trampoline bill for sports teachers and coaches

  • Sport and fitness are very important in our society. More and more people visit sports clubs. This not only in the gymnasiums of schools a wide range of sports equipment to dispose.
  • As a coach or gym teacher you also know about the risk of injury during use of some sports equipment. The trampolining on large trampolines is certainly one of the sports that bring the yet again with an injury to.
  • It is therefore all the more important as trainer to know exactly what is to be ensured here especially. A trampoline bill is sort of the license for trainers to integrate this sports equipment in physical education or mast dealer. The trampoline certificate is also a prerequisite for participating in the so-called coach-C training in trampolining.
  • With the completion of this initial qualification sports teachers and trainers receive a basic education certificate after curriculum of the German Gymnastics Federation. The instructors at the course of the trampoline bill should be licensed. There are even a DTB own teacher committee for trampolining.
  • To purchase the trampoline bill, you must be 14 years old and have a general sports fitness. will be taught in a usually three-day course, the important safety regulations, the assembly and disassembly of the trampoline and also a methodical introduction to the basic jumps and so-called landing style.
  • Only those who are on all three days of the course, one usually receives the trampoline bill. Cost of which is different, vary between 50 and 100 euros.
  • Information and appointment, please contact the German Gymnastics Federation.
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