Tariff for draftsmen - Notes

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Tariff for draftsmen - Notes

Also drawing to be learned.

Work for example as Bauzeichnerin at a commune, then is relevant for you is usually the TVöD. Since the TVöD still does not own charging system, the classification continues to be carried by the salary scale of the old BAT.

be paid as Bauzeichnerin after TVöD

  • An essential feature of the classification in the public service is that the classification and ultimately directs the content to the job characteristics that are associated with the respective remuneration groups. An employee or an employee in the public service is automatically classified in the salary group whose activity characteristics to the activity that he or she has to exercise - and not just temporarily.
  • therefore when wage after TVöD it comes very general said not primarily depends on what you actually do or how much you are personally qualified, but on what you should do and how these activities will be assessed.
  • Artists with a final examination are gem. of Annex 1a to the BAT classified in the salary grade VIb. According to the activity characteristic but a prerequisite is that they "mostly" engaged in activities that require "special services" within the meaning of salary grade VII. If not "predominantly" the case, but only "in a substantial amount", then only the salary grade VII is concerned - and therefore there is by collective agreement even less money.

The rate according to the salary bracket

  • Once you have found your salary grade under the old BAT, you can "translate" these Entgeltgruppe applicable in the after TVöD. Remuneration Group VIb BAT is associated with the Salary Scale 6 TVöD that salary grade VII BAT pay band. 5
  • In municipal job postings for the draftsman Entgeltgruppe is called 6 times. Get this then presupposes, however also that an activity is transferred, the characteristics of which comply with this salary bracket.

Draftsman deserve no riches in the public service. But the point is often safer than, for example, in a small architectural firm.

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