Tariff for Immobilienkaufmann - these compensation rules apply in this profession

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Tariff for Immobilienkaufmann - these compensation rules apply in this profession

The daily life of a real estate businessman

Wage in the commercial field

  • The usual wage for commercial jobs, you can easily bring in experience. Depending on the region and experience the tariff merit when Immobilienkaufmann or Immobilienkauffrau is about 2000 € gross per month. A business education should be available.
  • As a real estate professional host the tariff is around 2500 € per month.
  • The earning potential are very different in both cases, depending on the state.
  • In addition to fixed salary, a commission has been customary in the real estate industry. The amount depends on the number and price of the properties sold.
  • Are usual 5 to 7 per cent commission fee on the purchase price.
  • For properties rented two months' rent plus VAT as brokerage fees are common.
  • In addition, the sale or rental case a commission is paid by the landlord.
  • Independent broker get the entire commission fee normally. As a complement to the fixed salary but lower commissions as a real estate businessman / woman are common, be fixed by the employer.

Immobilienkaufmann / woman - so you earn well

  • As a real estate businessman / woman you have very complex tasks. This and your collective pay depends on very different factors.
  • Depending on whether you work for a bank or a real estate office or an office lead, different work and remuneration rates come at you.
  • As employee agents is in discussions with owners and customers, banks and offices.
  • Create synopses, present prospects the object and regulate the correspondence when purchasing or renting.
  • Some real estate agencies leave the contractual matters a notary.
  • Compensation rates as a real estate businessman / woman outside of the fixed component are then usually tied to the sales success.
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