Tattoo colors mix - that you should be aware

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Tattoo colors mix - that you should be aware

The mixing of colors for a tattoo is versatile possible.

General Information About Tattoos

  • Under a tattoo is meant for a specific subject, which is engraved with the help of special needles with ink and other colorants under the skin. This process takes a trained tattoo by a tattoo. A tattoo is one of the people to beautify the body and in the animal world for identification.
  • Tattoos, there were already 7000 years ago. These were discovered on the limbs of mummies. Especially in Egypt, Polynesia and Australia there were those tattoos so long. The origin is thus due to these nations.
  • Many people mix designs and colors on their bodies. Few people agree on a specific target. Profusely tattooed exhibit a wide variety of images. Most choicest motifs include music, culture, religion, politics, sexuality or your own pictures, which must be perpetuated.
  • In Nazi inmates of concentration camps prisoner numbers were tattooed on their arm. In this way, they were registered and thus differentiated. In religion, tattoos were often used as labeling.
  • The tattoo artist can mix your own colors and thus always provide an individual picture. With his needles he stands in the second skin layer with up to 6000 stitches per minute. Hereby both lines and shades can be produced. There are various essays for the tattoo.

Tips for mixing the colors

  • In the mixing of colors, you should make absolutely sure that these are of the same colorant, since in this way chemical reactions are avoided and the color ensures good durability. Means different ink manufacturers can easily use for a tattoo.
  • To dilute the colors, you can use rose water. This is considered especially pure and is often already added as an ingredient in the production. When mixed with rose water, you always get a little less nuance, which are well suited for filling background tattoos.
  • There are a few products that may not be mixed. These are often considered opaque colors - such as white. The notice can be found clearly on each vial. So Please make sure that the product is suitable for mixing.
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