Tax return for the year of marriage - how it works

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Tax return for the year of marriage - how it works

Marriage is important for the tax return.

In the tax return much Note

  • As long as you are living alone and taxed as a single person, everything is pretty easy for your tax return. You can read how much are the individual limits for the various amounts, and you can completely ignore a double household or Separation Allowance.
  • You carry your entire numbers, see that you keep the advertising cost is quite high, and wear your traveling expenses in the appropriate rows and trying in this way to keep your taxable income as low as possible, to as much money from the tax office again get back.

The year of marriage is important

  • In the tax return the year of marriage is one very particular, and also of the month can be quite important. If you marry namely until the second half of the year, you can expect a very high refund of taxes already paid, since they were both assessed over six months in the control purposes unfavorable tax class. 1
  • They are taxed in the year of the marriage by the tax office, either by the combination of the tax brackets 3/5 or both to the class. 4 The tax class 4 is important, if you have both about the same merit. You pay taxes, although more than in the combination 3/5, but still significantly less tax than in class 1. Thus you have paid in the year of marriage in any case too much tax and can expect a tax refund.
  • Furthermore, you have the option to make the cost of your wedding claimed as extraordinary burden. For this, you should starting with the wedding dress over the rented carriage up to the rented hotel, detailing on a particular shapeless sheet and receipts show all items. However, you can not claim the cost of accommodation of your guests unfortunately.
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