Tax return - receipts lost: How to proceed

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Tax return - receipts lost: How to proceed

Costs must be demonstrated in the tax return documents.

Possibilities for lost documents

If you have lost documents for tax returns, there are two possibilities. One is the assertion of packages, such as for business trips. Another option is to create a proper document. Both ways should remain exceptional and temporary solution.

  1. Explain the tax office in writing which documents for tax returns missing.
  2. Describe for each case why the issue was placed, including a justification as to why you have no proof.
  3. Once you could make the tax authorities demonstrate that they are no longer in possession of the original documents, the cost must be determined more accurately. Check out this post on the for which you lack the evidence.
  4. If you have expenses for which there is the legislator packages, making these claims. These include trips to the workplace, account management fees or even business trips. Do you only post on, for which they had actually cost. When applied to high packages, there is a risk that the tax authorities challenging the expenditure.
  5. Check if you are missing any invoice copies for other expenses such as postage or gratuities. In this case, set out a proper document. You can also customize himself when a document has been lost.
  6. Proprietary document has the nature of expenses, include the price and the payee, including address. One reason for the exhibition is also to name. Provide completed writing with signature and date.

For more information about tax return documents

  • Be specific about the cost. Enter your expenses if possible cents Exactly. With rounded amounts is a risk that the tax office does not accept the document because it is not an authentic impression arises.
  • The tax office is not required to accept personally issued documents.
  • Also misstatements not worth it, since you do in this case for tax evasion prosecution.
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