Team building exercises to perform properly - how it works

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Team building exercises to perform properly - how it works

Team building exercises are important.

effectively conduct team building exercises

If you want to carry out team building exercises, you should first consider which team you really mean. This is not a trivial question. Is the boss with this or not? Can the student be with it? What about the freelance employee who spends a day at least to you every week?

  • If you want to carry out team building exercises, you probably have the right to do. If you are not sure whether your boss agrees, ask him before.
  • If you simply want to strengthen the team, you do not need to make it as a team building exercise officially. Take a hike, an excursion to a museum or plan an evening at a restaurant.
  • Such informal actions the team can also be very strengthening. The important thing is that what you are promoting is not purely something that is consumed, as theater or cinema. But something which people can come to each other this week. You can also cook together or to do something together Volunteer - help about one day in a kindergarten or make a weekend together with the nearby retirement home a trip.
  • All team building exercises, whether formally or informally, the following applies: It is important that all employees are able to attend. Pay the babysitter, so that employees with children can be there if necessary.
  • If you are allowed to perform official team building exercises, sit down briefly with your staff. Ask them. According to their wishes
  • Discuss the course exactly to the external trainer if you are running a. If necessary, ask after his security concept about in teambuilding exercises in climbing.
  • Always make a good introduction and a good final reflection. All results are clearly a time publicly posted about in a coffee kitchen, so that the impact of the event fizzles not too fast.
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