Telephone Cable assignment - the colors and markings of the individual wires

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Telephone Cable assignment - the colors and markings of the individual wires

Phones must be connected correctly.

The colors and markings of the phone cable

So that the individual wires of a telephone cable to the appropriate terminals can be connected to the socket correctly assigned whose colors or markings are of great importance.

  • When installing to a different colored wires are used and on the other, red veins, which are provided with various black marks or rings.
  • This allows you to connect a phone jack properly to a phone line, you need the correct course of the individual leads. Therefore, to be explained in the following, which marks or colors which have occupancy of the individual wires in the cable.

The availability is required for the correct port

  • Usually four- and six-wire cables are used for connection to the phone jack. During the six-core cables often use different colors, in those with four veins are often red veins with black rings found in varying number and arrangement.
  • In a normal analogue telephone line only two of these cores are required. In this case, you need only two wires to terminals 1 and 2 (from left counted) to connect the junction box.
  • If it is a telephone cable with different colors of the wires, hold the white and the brown wire, which you need to connect the white wire to terminal 1 and the brown with clamp. 2
  • In a four-core cable, connect the red wire without labeling with terminal 1 and the red wire with a black ring with terminal 2 of telephone socket.
  • The other existing wires can be used either for additional phone lines, or they are needed when installing an ISDN socket.
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