Telephone flat rate for the fixed network without DSL - that you should be aware

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Telephone flat rate for the fixed network without DSL - that you should be aware

With a flat rate, you can make unlimited calls.

A telephone flat rate for the fixed network without DSL needed when other options for the Internet, such as cable or satellite, are present. Or course, if you need no internet or want.

When do you need a telephone flat rate for the fixed network

  • The first thing you have to deal with your phone habits. How much do you really call and especially when and where? Keys it if maybe someone from your family living abroad precisely to landlines in Germany or internationally. Consider also whether you call mobile numbers more often.
  • You need to determine whether a flat rate is really worth or whether a favorable telephone connection is sufficient and you might use Call-by-call optimal.
  • If you have made a list, you have to deal with the various tariff plans of your and other landline providers. Figure out what it would cost without a telephone flat rate and compare this with the offered flat rates.

How to choose the right flat rate without DSL

When you are talking so much that a phone flatrate for your landline without DSL would be worthwhile, then keep in mind even features.

  1. What does your current landline provider? Mostly this is still the Telekom. Check and compare with other providers. Maybe it pays to stick to it. You are then in a reputable supplier who can react more quickly with problems generally than other network operators.
  2. Check the rates of pre-selection provider. These are such that you are then predetermined and automatically calls for its flat-rate plans. But here you need to consider the costs that the basic fee at the Telekom is due and payable on a separate invoice for the other providers.
  3. You can completely switch to another fixed network provider, in which then also pay the connection fees. In this case, you need to pay anything at Telekom. but you should the provider ask if call-by-call is possible, if you make a phone call while what is not included in the flat rate. Also ask if they offer DSL, if you want to access it later.
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