Tennis Court Maintenance perform properly - so succeeds's

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Tennis Court Maintenance perform properly - so succeeds's

Tennis court maintenance is important. Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

The tennis court maintenance with clay courts is seen throughout the season very important in order to always provide good playability. Only perfect condition to tennis makes a good play without balls verspringen or snag on uneven floors or tripping over them. This is possible only by consistent tennis court maintenance.

a spring repair of tennis court carried out before the season starts

Once no more ground frost is expected, you can begin the overhaul of your tennis court. Snow and rain water must again sink into the ground of the tennis court and may flow. The constant change between frozen and thawed ground, the top layer of your tennis court is porous and the white lines can be forced out of the ground. Then proceed as follows with the necessary care Tennis Court:

  1. Remove the line covers and first leaves, branches and other, loosely lying impurities from your tennis court.
  2. Verify that the top clay layer is completely dry. Then you can begin to remove the top about 3 mm. There are a number of ancillary materials such as steel scratches or triangular Scharrierhölzer with saw blade. What do you use, you can decide freely. This is partly a question of cost to purchase and the other a matter of comfort. Automated scratch broom you of course simplify this process at the tennis court maintenance. In this operation, you automatically remove moss areas.
  3. The resulting new top layer, you have to first abrade with a wire brush and then leveled with a Spezialabzieher - thus eliminating unevenness in the floor.
  4. In the next step you need to deploy a new clay in the ground line portion and fill all available there holes or depressions. Irrigate the fresh clay thoroughly, so that it can connect to the ground. Support this process by the einschlämmen Ziegelmahl with a rubber slicer into the ground. You then need to compress this layer with a roller.
  5. Have you filled the coarse holes, you can distribute the new brick dust over the whole pitch. Proceed as previously described. Water the place tidy and slurries the clay in the subsoil one, so that it can connect properly.
  6. Now you need to edit the entire tennis court with a roller to compact the new ground sufficiently. Here, you should be careful to roll several times, always alternating between a longitudinal and a cross passage to produce no "Fairway".
  7. After the rolling, the power comes for withdrawing used. This disconnect all the space in a circular motion, from outside to inside smaller and smaller, like a spiral. the place more often in this tennis court maintenance repeat the rolling and peeling, the more effective will be maintained.
  8. Drag lines also with a small roller according to sink it in the ground.

Daily Tennis care looks like

  • The lines should be rolled daily with a hand roller and cleaned with an appropriate brush.
  • After use, you should use the tennis court daily with a network that is attached to a triangular timber, remove it. To level the ground immediately and remove impurities.
  • Make sure to water the place regularly, because only then you get a functioning, compacted surface.
  • Record on neither too dry nor too wet a place as this then only harm.
  • In heavy rain, you should then roughen the top layer of the square with a steel brush first, because this may cause a very compacted and drain any water down. Subsequently, however, you need to disconnect the triangular wooden grid on the pitch.
  • It also belongs to the tennis court maintenance, this time and again "nachzupudern" with brick dust.

Prepare the space for the winter before

In order to use the space in the next season well, include preventive measures for the winter to tennis court maintenance also included.

  • Remove any leaves and other debris.
  • Align the lines and cover them if possible.
  • Dismantle the net and the posts and keep this one.
  • Make sure that the place in the winter will not enter.

In spring, you first have to restart with the repair of the square before the daily tennis court maintenance starts.

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