terminate mirror SUBSCRIPTION - so it'll work

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terminate mirror SUBSCRIPTION - so it'll work

Announce your mirror SUBSCRIPTION writing.

To cancel your mirror SUBSCRIPTION

  1. First, check your contract number. You will be in your subscription documents.
  2. Now look at the contract and check the notice for your mirror SUBSCRIPTION.
  3. You write a letter of resignation. Ensure necessarily cancel in writing. A notice via email, however, is not sufficient.
  4. Now write in the letter of termination that you cancel on time according to the expected date and the alternative to the earliest possible date. You do not say why you want to cancel your mirror SUBSCRIPTION beyond. Ask in the termination letter for written confirmation of the cancellation dates. To know exactly the date by which you must pay more and at what point you have no obligation to pay.
  5. Call necessarily in the letter of termination contract number. Only so the mirror can assign your resignation quickly and easily.
  6. Send the letter of termination by registered mail-return receipt to mirror.

Find out more about the mirror SUBSCRIPTION

  • Do you want to cancel your subscription mirror, you should know that you can choose with a new subscription contract between a premium subscription, a half-year subscription and a year subscription.
  • The address of the Spiegel publishing house is as follows: Spiegel-Verlag, Subscriber Service, 20637 Hamburg. Set up your termination to this address if you wish to cancel your subscription mirror.
  • Basically, you can cancel your mirror SUBSCRIPTION without specifying a reason. The termination must be made in writing. A phone call or a simple email however is not enough.
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