Textile floor coverings - pros and cons

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Textile floor coverings - pros and cons

Textile floor coverings are available in numerous qualities and designs.

Find out more about textile coverings

  • The only textile lining among the many flooring is carpet. These in turn are available in numerous versions. These include, for. Example, carpets made of natural wool or Kunststoffflor, which are further subdivided into terry and velor. These in turn differ in needle and knitting woven carpets and woven carpets.
  • These textile floor coverings are available as carpet, bridge, runners, carpet tile or carpeting. The back of this floor coverings may have different coatings, such. As a foam coating, jute or latex. In contrast, carpet tiles are provided on the back with either polyester fleece, PVC or bitumen.
  • Important when buying a carpet should primarily be its quality. This is determined, inter alia, of the fibers and their processing used. Other important criteria include the durability and color stability, particularly in natural fibers. An on-site consultation is definitely advisable.
  • For carpets, there are various carpet seal, such as the GET-seal, which provides information about important product features and quality standards. The 'Care & Fare character' 'confirmed that the respective carpet was not produced by child labor.

Pros and cons of floor coverings

  • Carpet is one of the textile floor coverings that are heat- and sound-absorbent and this effect is greater the longer the fibers are - for example, in terry and velor carpets.
  • On the contrary to other flooring carpet is much cheaper, it makes for a soft, smooth ride, is warm to the touch, non-slip and offers numerous design options.
  • Particularly flexible are carpet tiles. These can be made for example of wool, suede or goat hair. You have to be installed very easily and with less waste than carpeting, robust and resistant and can be replaced individually. Due to their special coating on the back and their relatively heavy weight, they must not be glued to the floor.
  • A disadvantage of these textile floor coverings, among other things their sensitivity and the partially critical cleaning. In addition, they are particularly in need of care and can be attacked by mites.
  • Especially plastic carpets draw increasingly on dust. Interesting alternatives are carpets made of plant fibers such as sisal or coconut and those of wool, who among other things, the advantage that they can absorb excess humidity.
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