Thanksgiving - list Stories for the Kindergarten

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Thanksgiving - list Stories for the Kindergarten

Every year a reason to celebrate - a rich harvest

familiarize children with ancient traditions - Ernedank Stories

The harvest festival takes in the most diverse faiths a substantial role. So it is obvious that especially the little ones are taken early on with the related stories and backgrounds known or generally sensitized to this issue.

  • The most successful knowledge is Thanksgiving mediated typically, if it succeeds adults, teach stories on the subject, and the children in this way (also) to show the way to God.
  • A little creativity in this regard is certainly in demand. The fact is that it can most likely to succeed by a visualization, almost bringing the little ones the specifics of this event.

Stories for the Kindergarten - illustrative and informative

  • There are wonderful stories about Thanksgiving. Stories that are great to are to be listed in kindergarten. To draw to little ones, for example, illustrative that the bread that they usually only know from the supermarket, originally from many, many grains there. But before a grain bread may be, there is a long way. One way which is provided especially for farmers with a lot of effort.
  • So the most basic "ingredients" of a story about Thanksgiving as part of the emergence of bread are the following: the farmer, grains and - of course - the bread.
  • If a story listed in kindergarten, then one of the kids playing the "peasants", a the "bread" and many other boys and girls each a "grain".
  • Before you choose a narrator who explains to viewers what is happening in each case. A quiet background music completes the whole.
  • Following the show are drawing - to match the story - almost ideal. In this way the children can visualize just heard and thus internalize easier.

It has, moreover, on to place a few decorative straw bales in space and include pumpkins, potatoes, bread, carrots and other fruits and vegetables as a symbol of a bountiful harvest into play with or to drape on the straw bales.

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