"That's me on the Hutschnur" - meaning of the proverb

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"That's me on the Hutschnur" - meaning of the proverb

The Hutschnur is a point that juts out over the head of Hutträgers.

To understand this saying, imagination is required

  • If you want to understand what someone wants to bring with the saying that is doing something about the hat string, expressed, you should visualize the situation.
  • The saying "That's me on the Hutschnur" is to be understood that someone annoys here immeasurably on a matter concerning him. He perceives it as an intolerable evil, what happens or happened to him here.
  • You will surely have already lived through some situations where you stay hard time, calmly and objectively. Finally, often encountered in his life those are the own patience very to the test.
  • If you have reached a point of no longer appear in need of improvement, you can use a no longer be surpassed saying.

Upon reaching the Hutschnur it may be too late

These winged words in understanding their intended violence, it is necessary to connect to another aphorism.

  • That you will learn about the Hutschnur expresses your current feelings of figuratively. Someone who feels the water up to your neck, is recognized, in an extremely awkward position. If you now but is the water even on the Hutschnur, this is hardly to beat.
  • If the Hutschnur exceeded, the entire man eventually is already under water. Such a situation represents symbolically that a situation has occurred that is no longer acceptable for the person concerned. It is the people no longer possible, the endure him Inflicted.
  • Even the meekest person may in such a situation to be described out of themselves, and this at least make known to the appropriate adage.

It is to wish in this context that you do not have to struggle for words in the situation in which you "bursts collar" of.

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