The BAT-KF - so manages the correct self-assessment in the Federal Employees' collective agreement in ...

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The BAT-KF - so manages the correct self-assessment in the Federal Employees' collective agreement in ...

Is the Church your employer?

BAT-KF - ecclesiastical version

  • Have you found a job at one of the major churches in Germany so rewarding your work performance done by federal employees collective agreement, in ecclesiastical version called BAT-KF.
  • The most important part of the BAT-KF is valid for the workspace content table. In determining your salary within this table you need to determine your pay band first. There are pay scales BAT-KF from E1 to E15, wherein the basis of pay levels is the school education of the individual worker or employee.
  • In the pay grades E1 to E4 can be filed without training. If you have completed at least 3 years of vocational training, one is classified into E5 to E8. The remuneration groups E9 to E12 are intended for graduates of a completed course of study at a college, while graduates of a completed university studies can be classified into pay groups E13 to E15.
  • Have you found the correct pay band because of their education and vocational training, you are now looking within your pay band for the right level. It depends on your membership as an employee of the church. There is a division into 6 stages.
  • Directly after setting belong to level 1, then move after one year in the level. 2 Have more than 3 years of service, go to step 3 until you are placed in Level 4 after more than 6 years of employment. Do you have more than 10 years of service, level 5 is the correct classification for you until you can switch to the highest level 6 after more than 15 years.
  • Once you have found the correct level for the length of your work belonging to the Church, you can see the amount of your salary from the table.
  • Important now is only the amount of your annual bonus, the West (90%, 80%, 60%) and South (67.5%, 60%, 45%) is calculated differently and according to the salary bracket (E1 to E8, E9 to E12, E13 and E14) directed.
  • The correct assignment of remuneration group and level within the table BAT KF makes the search easy to determine the amount of their own content.
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