The best meaningless wisdoms

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The best meaningless wisdoms

Senseless wisdom to take existing wisdom funny to poke fun.

Who pushes others into a pit, itself does not fall into

This wisdom reminds you probably immediately to the saying "He who digs a pit for others, fall into it himself." This spell is a warn to ask others not the case. This wisdom accesses this meaningless slogan and converts them. The award is the tip, other to push in a fictitious mine, in order not to fall into it. The award is the solution if you have the wisdom to dig another pit no, not heeded.

Senseless variation of a slogan - Cats would booze Whisky

With this wisdom you must determine directly the quote from advertising thinking, "Cats would buy Whiskas". The saying "Cats would booze Whisky" is as meaningless as the advertising slogan. It knows that is no, what would you buy cats because cats are not just able to buy anything. And a variety of reasons. The modification of "buy Whiskas" to "whiskey drinking 'increases the futility yet. Cats would eat Whiskas. Whiskey but they would drink in any case. At least, the current state of science. Therefore, the sentence fits definitely in the category "Senseless wisdom".

The cock crows on the dung, the weather changes or stays the same

This quote is already reflected almost stupidity. If you think about the meaning of the sentence, you will notice that it is absolute rubbish. Because no matter what happens: The weather just does not change or. This is so with all things that are changeable. The beginning of wisdom alludes to old peasant rules that are to be so made fun of. These begin with events which allegedly influence the weather. What is certain is that the weather is not governed by a rooster standing on or next to a dunghill, falls or even crows.

One of the most popular wisdom - dies who earlier is dead longer

"Grave Decisions is dead longer". It most probably prefer not to be dead so long. should be known to you the sentence, not least because it is the title of a German film comedy. The record is to warn of dying, which already covers a relatively sinnfrei. This is not the issue here is to be longer dead but that you die earlier. The structure of the sentence implies, however, that he is for "Grave Decisions" yet converts to a known meaningful wisdom. As you now know, this is not the case.

Currently driving a submarine through the forest, left flashes, take the right

is a wisdom of completely mindless sort of "track a submarine through the woods, flashing left, goes right". At first glance, there are three inconsistencies: A submarine is stationary and certainly not through a forest. And turn signals are also a very rare commodity on submarines. The second part of wisdom is also nonsense. The information is in fact quite unnecessary. The fact that left flashed and turned right, to take over the fun part of this "wisdom". This sentence is in the tradition of such senseless Proverbs and wisdom as "night is colder than outside" and "Over the hill is further than walking."

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