The Black Book of the Internet - Informative

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The Black Book of the Internet - Informative

The Black Book of the Internet describes how you can earn money on the net.

The mysterious black book of the Internet

The Black Book of the Internet is an ebook that "make money on the Internet" the subject treated. It shows which paths are going to run a successful online business. However, the work also describes methods, how to get money on the Internet illegal. The author of the book is unknown.

  • Reading has 11 chapters. The first chapter covers the basics of online business. Then it comes to the question of what you need to run an online business. In the following chapters, the author gives the answer: HTML basics and PhP Basics.
  • It follows in Chapter 2 the topic "Affiliate Marketing". Furthermore, the author describes how to create a Preissuchmaschine, and explained afterwards how you can earn $ 593 in an hour.
  • The next chapter describes advertising and SEO strategies. In Chapter 4 it comes to their own online shop and you have to pay attention to.
  • In the following chapters the author discusses the topics "Drop Shipping", "10,000-Euro-trick", "click-and Lead fraud". The following is a guide on how to build an offshore company and how to raise money on the net. In Chapter 10 it comes to their own video platform and in the last chapter the author the theme "premium numbers".

Good and bad chapter in the book

Even if the black book of the Internet contains several chapters that describe illegal methods there are many chapters that offer a good introduction to online marketing and e-commerce.

  • These include, for example, the 4th chapter, which describes what to consider when you want to open an online store, and covers the following topics:. Selection of the product, profit margin, storage facilities, advertising and ongoing costs. Also the chapter on "Affiliate Marketing" is a helpful guide for affiliate programs that are applied on the Internet.
  • In some chapters, the author describes methods that are considered illegal. He also dissociates himself from these methods, pointing out that the chapter serves only for documentation and the applications are generally prohibited.
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