The Broken: end - Declaration

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The Broken: end - Declaration

In horror film "The Broken" is about doppelganger that emerge from mirrors.

The Broken - that's what

The British-French film "The Broken" is about the doctor Gina, of Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) is played. They discovered the images of a patient whose heart beats on the right side in the hospital. This discovery was followed by many strange incidents. So suddenly go permanently levels in Gina's surroundings broken and she has a serious car accident. At the same time people catch them at around to behave funny. Finally, she suspects her boyfriend Stefan did a double. A psychologist suspected of suffering from Capgras syndrome, in which it is believed that related parties have been replaced. Gina tried the thing to get to the bottom and find out monstrous: In fact, come from the mirrors, the seemingly self-destruct, Doppelgänger, replace gradually all those around them. It looks like herself, declared the end. Many other questions remain unanswered. One explanation might bring a little light into the darkness.

The conclusion - a statement

  • Once Gina know again where the accident occurred, she also believes to know where their supposed doppelganger lives: in their own home, which she has not set foot since the accident.
  • Immediately makes Gina on the way there and finds the body of a woman who looks like herself. Now her memory returns. Not about her doppelganger is lying dead on the floor, but the real Gina.
  • This means that it is the doppelganger. She relieved because it means that she has nothing to worry about - it is the perpetrator, not victim.
  • To disguise their identity, they destroyed the hospital, a CT image, showing that her heart now beats on the right side. The fact that they are now that she knows who she is, behaves differently, but recognizes her brother Daniel, that it is a double. Therefore he flees in the end in front of her.
  • You see, the end of "The Broken" reveals what happened to Gina, but many other questions remain unanswered. Who are the double? Where are you from? Why do they come at a time from the mirrors and replace the right people?

Despite the many unanswered questions, the explanation thereof is not provided, applies "The Broken" as better Poe adaptation. Fans should know that the story was not taken 1 to 1 of Poe but. Rather, the film is based only on the short story "William Wilson".

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