The chemical composition of oil and gas

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The chemical composition of oil and gas

Crude oil is produced worldwide.

Oil and gas are among the conventional raw materials which are extracted from the earth. Without these resources, life would not work in our modern Western world. In Chemiunterricht, but also in the study and in various professional areas, the composition of these substances is requested repeatedly. The explanation is not so easy, basic knowledge in chemistry must be present.

explain the chemical composition of substances using the formula

The chemical composition of a substance can be explained in terms of the formula. This specifies exactly which chemical elements a substance composed and how high is the number of each element.

  • In order to understand these formulas, you need to know which icon is associated with each element. This helps the periodic table of elements, which can be found in each panel factory and can be accessed on the Internet. Learn the symbols by heart in order to decipher the chemical composition of a substance without auxiliary means may.
  • Want to determine mixtures, you will be confronted with several chemical elements. Mostly indicates what proportion is the single element present in the material.

Oil and natural gas consist of various elements

  • As a natural gas, a gas mixture is referred to, which can be obtained from the lower layers of the earth. There is hauptächlich of CH 4 (methane), the proportion may be up to a detected value of 99 percent. It can shares of C 2 H 6 (ethane), C 3 H 8 (propane), C 4 H 10 (butane) and C 2 H 4 (ethylene) contained. Based on the molecular formulas of the various gases, you see that gas consisting solely of carbon and hydrogen. The proportions of the individual gases are very different. Natural gas itself does not have a chemical formula.
  • Also oil is a mixture mainly composed of hydrocarbons. Moreover, in the petroleum crude derived proteins, fats and carbohydrates are detected. The chemical composition consisting of C (carbon), H (hydrogen), O (oxygen), S (sulfur), and N (nitrogen). Also oil does not have a chemical formula. You see, however, that it is not only of hydrocarbons, but from various other elements. It is obtained in the liquid state.

Oil and natural gas can be changed for a specific purpose. Gasoline is produced, for example, only after the oil has been refined.

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