The Clematis Pink Fantasy - so it is maintained

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The Clematis Pink Fantasy - so it is maintained

The Clematis Pink Fantasy has particularly large flowers.

To plant a Clematis Pink Fantasy

  • The Clematis Pink Fantasy has - as its name suggests - pink flowers, which are very large and have on their petals slightly darker stripes. Their heyday lasts from June to September.
  • This plant is between two and three meters high, so you need a correspondingly large climbing frame. If you want greening an entire wall, you need about two plants per meter.
  • The best time for planting is from late summer to autumn. Choose a sunny to partially shaded spot for your clematis and loosen there the ground before planting a safe place.
  • Set the plant so deep into the earth, that the root ball about ten centimeters is covered with earth. In the following weeks, you need to water regularly to prevent the formation many new roots.

Care and pruning of climber

  • The Clematis does not like it when the soil too much heated. Cover the soil around the stem, therefore with a layer mulch or plant you there minor ground cover. In this way, at the same time ensure that the soil does not dry out as quickly and you do not so often pour in summer.
  • The rear section is in this clematis varieties fairly easy. The best time for this is either the late fall or early spring. but be sure to select a frost-free day.
  • Shorten the entire plant is adjusted to about 30 centimeters. This section should also have in the first winter after you have planted your PinkFantasy, make, because that it is growing the following year compact.
  • A winter protection is in this climber is not necessary, because they can withstand even strong frosts. In the spring you give her some fertilizer, so it is well taken care of for the next season.
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